About Lucy & Ethel

Lisa Ruschman (a.k.a. "Ethel") is a certified Zentangle Teacher. She is a mosaic artist and has been making functional and fine art mosaics for 18 years. She also loves doing kiln fusing and borosilicate lampworking. She currently is an instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She also teaches private and group lessons in her Mentor studio.

Launie McDevitt (a.k.a. "Lucy") is also a Certified Zentangle® Teacher. She is an artist with formal graphic design training and has been a software trainer, technical writer and color management support technician. She currently works full time in the graphics and printing industry, teaches part time at the Cleveland Institute of Art and does freelance design work.

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  1. i totally agree with the "lucy and ethel" analogy....if you don't agree, you should see them stomp grapes!!!